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Performance Upgrades & Vehicle Customization

Car Modifications

Ghostworx Racing

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Let us handle your
car’s next modification

Whether it's a simple tune or a twin turbo kit, we can create a custom package for any project.

  • Wheel & Tire Packages in OEM or wide fitment

  • Alignments, Corner Balancing, & Suspension Install

  • Engine & Transmission Tuning for Street/Track

  • Exhaust Installs (Street or Track Setup)

  • Twin Turbo or Supercharger Installs, Parts and Service

  • Full Race Builds, Engineering Consultations & More!

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Our Work

We work on builds local to Southern California, and any out of state projects that are willing to bring their vehicle to the shop


The Team

Meet the squad that will be wrenching on your vehicle

Image by Austin Loveing
Alex Warren.jpg

Alex Warren

"I drifted my Ferrari through the mud for a video, and these guys were able to clean everything up, put a brand new exhaust and flame tune on it, and have even come to my house to help service the 488!"


Hype Cars

“I sent my F8 to Ghostworx and they installed my new exhaust. Completely changed the sound and feel of the car. Maybe we should put meth on my school bus next?”
Ryan Edge.png

Ryan Edge

“I’ve brought several cars to Ghostworx. They’ve done everything from wheel and exhaust installs to new carbon and alignments for my exotics. I like to modify my cars at a fast pace and they’ve always been able to keep up!”
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